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Zhongshan Cuiheng Urban Design

Zhongshan,China – City of Islands

Pearl River Delta City
Over time, the historic town of Zhongshan in the densely populated Chinese Guangdong province, where the Pearl River ends up in the South Chinese Sea, has had a strong appeal to local people. Local authorities have selected this delta area for land reclamation. One of the aims is to erect a future coastal town named Cuiheng New District, covering an area of at least 20 km2. KC contributed to the integrated master plan, adding visionary elements around the themes ‘Design with Nature’ and ‘Living with Water’.

City of Islands
Fundamental for urban planning and design are sustainable water management and working with the natural characteristics of this delta area. This will result in a City of Islands along the Zhongshan coastline and each island will have distinct ecological features and atmosphere. Tidal currents will lead to silting and sand flats. This way, the islands can grow further; in fact, new islands may appear.
The plan has been approved by the City of Zhongshan.

Area: 50 km2
Year: 2011
Client: Zhongshan City Government
Partner: DHV
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