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Quality Control Lab Sanquin

Amsterdam – The products and materials used for Sanquin's drug production will be tested in the laboratory.

The substantial growth of the Quality-Control department of client Sanquin Plasmaproducten BV on Plesmanlaan Amsterdam led to the demand for a new QCi laboratory on Maroastraat.

The products and materials that are used for the production of Sanquin medicine will be tested in this laboratory. The GMP guidelines apply to this, so the prevention of intersecting lines was an important starting point. But safety, flexibility and creating a pleasant working environment with sufficient daylight and views were just as essential in planning.

The project has been realized in the frame of the office space that is part of the existing warehouse for incoming goods and comprises 3 floors and an technical room.

On the 1st and 2nd floor there is a high-quality "dry" and "wet" laboratory and the existing warehouse is connected with a new goods lift. A new office space is situated on the ground floor. The spaces have been given a generic interpretation, which means that they can continue to be used even with changing test methods without major renovations.

In addition to BIM, the design process uses "equipment information modeling", whereby the required connection between facilities and dimensions for the equipment are determined through a link between database and design.

KuiperCompagnons provided the design, total engineering, management and construction supervision for this project. The project was carried out by Kropman B.V. in a very short construction period of 6 months.

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