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"Yn Sicht"

Hardegarijp – In the Future Vision for General Practice Care 2022, general practitioners in the Netherlands are being given an increasingly central role in providing care in the neighborhood.

General practice in Hardegarijp
In order to offer a wider range of care, GPs from "Yn Sicht" in Hardegarijp have opted for a centrally located new building, where the practice could be expanded.

The design of the building has a modular structure, which was developed in collaboration with Advance Zorgadviseurs. Standard modules are used for the consultation / examination rooms and treatment rooms. The character, on the other hand, has become unique: a pavilion, emphasized by the horizontal lines of floor and roof, with the floor slightly raised from the landscape. Hard materials of the building contrast with the soft and green environment of the park-like environment.

Thanks to the enormous involvement and commitment of the client, few concessions have been made to the appearance of the design. And, in their view, the building has "become a beautiful building".

Photos are made by Fries Dagblad

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