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Sino-Dutch Park

Jiashan CN –

Jiashan is located 1 hour drive from Shanghai and Hangzhou, a central location in one of Chinas strongest economic development zones. Heineken in 2016 has established one of the largest breweries in Asia in Jiashan. The government of Jiashan city has initiated to developed the area adjacent to the brewery as Sino-Dutch industrial park. In their planning they provided a program that is divided in 3 phases. Phase 1 of Jiashan Sino-Dutch Park covers an area of 85ha, including functions such as manufacturing, R&D, trading, commercial and recreation. Our design aims to create an integrated high efficiency, high quality work-living environment.
Based on established planning schemes for the area we introduced new elements to attract attention for investments and create opportunities for identification and liveliness. The most eye-catching element is symbolic. This five star building is part of the landscape park merging Chinese and Dutch icons and offering a flexible program for entertainment, exposition and meetings. The landscape park itself is incorporating typical Dutch elements such as flower gardens, a greenhouse and a natural purified water area.
The design was highly appreciated by Jiashan Government officials. Construction is expected to begin later this year

Zheijang Province Jiashan EDZ Industry Company

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