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Urban Farming Partners
taking food to the next level.

As part of Urban Farming Partners KuiperCompagnons is developing a series of architectural models for urban farming in Singapore.

With millions of square meters in the built-up areas to serve as fertile ground, urban farming in Singapore has every chance of growing into an exemplary, sustainable and profitable solution. Singapore has already taken the first initiatives. Now it is time to take it to the next level.

Urban Farming Partners (UFP), a group of experts in the fields of food, logistics, planning and architecture, are working together with the Dutch Government. We would like to team up with partners in Singapore and investors for the next big step.

Latest news:
Urban Farming Partners (UFP) signed a cooperation agreement with Citizen Farm on the 19th of January 2018. UFP teams up with this local champion in the grow-your-own-food movement to develop a smart and sustainable urban farm in Singapore.

Urban Farming Partners are experts in food, logistics and urban planning and supported by the Dutch government. They team up with local partner Citizen Farm to develop and run the future operation of an integrated urban commercial farm in Singapore. Citizen Farm focuses on developing productive food gardens in tropical Singapore for clients like restaurants, schools, hotels, and residences. They aim to make the city more self-sufficient by growing food in underutilised spaces like rooftops, under viaducts, and everywhere in between.

The coming months, the partners shall take more major steps in making the integrated urban farm a reality.

For more information:
Wouter Vos, Chairman Urban Farming Partners
T: +31 6 53 13 48 61
Urban Farming Partners
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