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The Nine piers of Haikou

Haikou CN –

Planning Design of Haikou Outer Beach

The beautiful bay next to the inner city of Haikou is a new opportunity for touristic services. The coastline offers various sightlines and perspectives. Based on existing urban fabric, the concept is makes use of the various features of this coastline. Diversity of the urban fabric is the basis for multiple use, incorporating existing social and cultural patterns and making the city liveable and attractive.

The different coastal characteristics are symbolized by nine piers with special seaside recreational functions (the “Nine Piers of Haikou”). When seen from the city, they are points of orientation. When seen from the water, they are landmarks announcing the city. Based on studies of coastal dynamics, coastal protection measures have been taken for safe coastal urban areas.

Area: 18km², 10 km long coastal line
Time: 2003
Client: Haikou Municipal Government
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