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Suqian Lakefront New City Masterplan

Suqian CN –

Suqian is situated between Shanghai and Beijing along the Yellow River. The client’s objective was the development of tourism as well as the expansion of the city by 40,000 homes. KuiperCompagnons was invited to participate in an international competition held specially for that purpose. KuiperCompagnons’ plan anticipates the long embankment of the Luoma Lake. The present quality of the embankment is upheld and improved. Incidental clustering of touristic functions such as hotels, resorts and golf courses are included in a zone which is parallel to the vineyards. Urbanization takes place on higher grounds. Living and education, existing roads and settlements are all incorporated in the structure. New urban districts are recognisable because of their varying setups and prominent green zones. The most northern point is the only point where the new city and the water come together. Hence a logical ending comes about along the central axis from the centre of the existing city and so it ties up with the Luoma Lake.

Time: 2006
Client: Suqian Urban Planning Bureau,
Suqian Municipal Government

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