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Sixin Square Island

Wuhan CN –

Sixin Square Island consists of nine urban blocks. The heart of the island centered around the subway station will be built as high-rise
development to a maximum height of one hundred meters. Surrounding urban blocks will be low-rise to a maximum height of twenty meters.

The architecture will have sustainable design as common denominator. Both in appearance as in performance buildings will be green and adaptive to the specific climate of Wuhan. Buildings will be integrated in an abundantly green environment to arrange healthy and pleasant living conditions. In summer green roofs and trees will contain heat island effects, while as the leaves have fallen sunlight is welcome again to compensate for Wuhan’s cold winter. Along with these basic principles
photovoltaic energy, advanced building techniques and innovative heating and cooling should be applied to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels as much as possible. The Sixin Central Area project will help to restore Wuhan’s polluted lakes and water channels. A storm
water treatment system will be established, artificial wetlands will be created, and lakes will be planted with aquatic plants.

Client: Chenghua District Construction Bureau
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