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Ecological Cultural Landscape Park

Shangyu CN –

Shangyu Shun Tan Yuan Cultural Wetland project, located on the coast of Hangzhou Bay at East
China Sea, is jointly produced by KuiperCompagnons and Shanghai CADI Co. Ltd.

The ambition of the project extends far beyond the mere goal of developing the available vacant land. In principle we envision the future park as a model for multi-functional development of green spaces, which will combine a diverse and unique landscaped area with high quality residential living and lodging, commer-cial facilities and numerous leisure activities. Furthermore, the park will play an important role in terms of providing a green buffer zone between the future city to the west of the site and the industrial land to the east.

The future Wetland will create a new valuable green open space within the existing regional system and with time it will become fully integrated into the overall masterplan for the Shangyu Seaside New city. Park will have multiple functions from the point of view of sustainability. Apart from that, the places are expected to function as poles of attraction and stimulate casual social engagement between the residents and visitors alike.

Area: 166 ha

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