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Sea Spring Eco Cities

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Useable fresh water sources are becoming increasingly scarse. Sea Spring Cities is a concept to exploit submarine fresh water springs that are currently being lost into the oceans. The concept of Sea Spring Cities uses that untapped source of fresh water to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of fresh water. The method uses less energy and creates less pollution than conventional water win methods such as desalination or pumping of ground water. Together with integral aquifer management this will improve the ‘upstream’ groundwater quality. The concept uses a reversed polder to capture the submarine fresh water springs. By creating a dike around the mouth of the sea spring the water will be collected. Due do density differences the fresh water will eventually displace the salt water. After purifying the captured fresh water can be used for consumption, agriculture and industrial purposes. The fresh water basin that is created will not only guarantee a source of water, but will also create a sustainable and improved living environment for people in semi-arid locations.

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