Production and research building Sanquin

Amsterdam – A new building has been realized on the south side of the Sanquin site in Amsterdam.

Sanquin Light
A new building has been built on the south side of the Sanquin site in Amsterdam. This building will facilitate the growing need for plasma products. Production and research are the most important functions in this building.

By introducing smart integration tools the new complex is connected to the existing building structure. The atmospheric indoor gardens form a pleasant contrast to the sterile production environment. This light courtyard has been installed in the heart of the complex, where all employees can meet. The void also allows sight lines between the different floors of the existing and new buildings, making the connection between the different departments stronger.

KuiperCompagnons previously completed the Blood Bank building on the northern side of the Sanquin site. With this new construction a new approach has been started to fit buildings into a well-arranged structure. In addition to sophisticated logistics and functionality, the experience of employees and visitors is central.

Building Y, production and research building

Plasma production areas, packaging and inspection rooms, research laboratories, conditioned storage and offices. 10,000 m² GFA

client: Sanquin blood supply
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