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Planning Design of Haikou West Coast

Haikou CN –

The green cape of Haikou

KuiperCompagnons’ planning proposal “The Green Cape of Haikou” won the international competition of the development plan and urban design of Haikou West Coast area, which is a part of the city’s development strategies for its coastal area urban beach landscape. In cooperation with the Haikou Urban Planning Bureau, the plan was deepened out and legalized in Controlling Detailed Plan.

The plan includes a study of the coastal dynamic and makes use of the recreational opportunities of the long seashore of Haikou West Coast. Considerate distances are kept from the urban areas to the coast. Recreational facilities, such as yacht harbours, are combined with coastal protection measurements. The special landmarks directing the sequence of the coastline, making its length comprehensive and recognisable. There are marvellous views to the beach and sea as if you are landed in paradise with a pleasant nature spirit.

Area: 47km², 22 km long coastal line
Time: 2004
Client: Haikou Municipal Government
Partner:DHV bv.
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