New central district

Goirle NL –

The vicinity of Goirle in Dutch Brabant was looking for way to offer inhabitants and visitors a new experience when visiting the central district that encompasses the main Kloosterplein, De Hovel shopping center, and the surrounding area of the Jan van Besouwhuis cultural center. KC designed the renewed exterior space of the whole district.

Small footsteps in the pavement
One of the uniting elements is the use of special paving. This was realised by using deep red, baked cobblestones in irregular sizes. Inspired by the fairy tale of Sullivan, small elf footsteps are carved into the pavement; an element that adds some fun to the district. The main spots - such as the entrance to the shopping area, the library and the cultural centre - invite their visitors in with a natural stone carpet. Small bridges, robust street benches and ornamental trees in special plots give finishing touches to the shopping area.

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