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Modern Agriculture Industrial Park

Jiashan, China –

Jiashan Modern Agriculture Industrial Park is located in the third phase of Sino-Dutch Park in Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, with a planned area of 400 hectares. The north-eastern part of the site is directly connected to the urban area of Shanghai, and the southwest is connected to Hangzhou, which means an excellent location. There is Citang village in the site, with a thousand years of history and culture, a pleasant natural environment and rich tourism resources.

This plan preserves the context of the site, water network, roads, and villages as much as possible. Based on respecting the context, we intervene and create different space with various functions.

We also consider the combination of high-tech agriculture and tourism, and try to provide the agricultural education-related services. The Dutch high-tech technology is applied to provide high-tech greenhouses and water collection / storage systems, which will help Jiashan Agriculture Industrial Park achieve maximum agricultural benefits.

Time: 2018-2019
Area: 4 square kilometers
Client: Jiashan Zhonghe Industrial Park Investment Development Co., Ltd.
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