Liantong Port

Wuhan CN –

The Sixin area is situated between the 2nd and 3rd ring of Wuhan. The project area lies to the north-eastern side directly along the Yangtze River.

The Liantong canal is an important part of the whole Sixin area. Besides its water-draining function, the canal is also an attractive location for new developments. In the future hundreds of thousands of new people will come here in search of a clean environment and pleasant
living and working conditions.
The purpose of this project is the development of spatial concepts for the future development of the area and to give the area a stronger, identifiable character. These two principles make up the context of our concept for this area. Our first principle is that the designs must provide structure and identity, but may not be restrictive. The area must be adequately adaptable to comply with the changing requirements of the buildings in the future. The second principle is that the water, which dominates the landscape in this part of Wuhan Sixin, should be embraced. We’re not doing this merely to create qualitative landscapes and ecological habitats, but also because it is of primary importance for the buildings and the safety of the population.

Client: Chenghua District Construction Bureau
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