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Gaoqiao New Netherlands Town

Shanghai CN –

Gaoqiao is a satellite town near Shanghai with The Netherlands as the leading theme. The entry by
KuiperCompagnons used time as its theme basis and has split the planning area into three sections:

On the embankment side New Netherlands Town presents itself by a collage of water-related architecture a mix of wooden village clusters and river villas. A strip of twelve closed building blocks which relates to the twelve Dutch provinces. Every province provides the inspiration for a series of interpretations of region-related architectural themes.

The residential area is the same as that which could be built in The Netherlands at present. This area can be seen as a random indication of Dutch urban expansion. Altogether, 1,090 houses with accesses at ground level and 2,790 apartments, have been
designed. The total schedule is spread across a number of neighbourhoods each with an own identity. This can be seen in both the urban planning and architecture as well as in the landscape. Hence the striving is towards a sensual city where one can identify with one’s own place of living.

The cultural and commercial heart of the plan is made up by the “Cultural Plaza”. This accommodates a hotel, a large shopping mall and a facilities complex which, amongst other things, includes a cinema.

Client: Shanghai New Gaoqiao Development Co. Ltd.

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