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Blood Bank Sanquin

Amsterdam – The new construction of the Blood Bank Northwest in Amsterdam contains one of the four headquarters of Sanquin Netherlands.

Headquarters as a meeting place
The new building of the Blood Bank Northwest in Amsterdam contains one of the four main branches of Sanquin Netherlands. The Sanquin Board of Directors has also established itself in the building.

The building is a balanced combination of laboratories, offices and public functions. The walkways in the atrium make the connections visible and provide surprising views. The stairs that connect these bridges together ensure that the tight logistics of the blood processing process are no obstacle to creating an exciting and open building.

The garden, where the donors have full view during the blood collection, is as a crown jewel over the whole complex. The complex has been given a distinguished and friendly appearance. A warm welcome for donors, visitors and staff.

Sanquin head office, donor location and central blood supply laboratory. 9000m²
client: Sanquin blood supply
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