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Albert Schweitzer Hospital

Dordrecht – The renovation of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht resulted in a homely atmosphere, a playful character and a pleasant environment to work and stay at.

The Albert Schweitzer Hospital Dordwijk is like a small city. A city with its own character. This design is inspired by the avenues, streets, squares, buildings and many more elements that are located in the city. But it is mainly the icons that gives it its character. They form the identity and the landmark of the various buildings and departments in the hospital. These elements are extracted from the city of Dordrecht. Typical themes, building, icons, stories and even colours that define Dordrecht are used and translated throughout the hospital by means of design, images and text.
Are you looking for the Radiology department? This is located in the "house of Gijn". And while you are waiting there you can also learn something about "van Gijn".

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