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Quality Control Lab CAF-DCF

Brussels – KuiperCompagnons has realized a new Quality-Control lab in the existing production building of CAF-DCF in Brussels.

KuiperCompagnons has completed a new Quality-Control lab in the existing production building of CAF-DCF in Brussels. The old QC lab no longer met the strict requirements and wishes of the organization. The renovation was carried out in two phases: in phase one a microbiology lab was realized and in phase two the central lab with supporting spaces and an office space.

KuiperCompagnons fulfilled an advisory and testing role for the realization of the microbiology lab and received a total assignment for phase two for, among other things, carrying out a feasibility study, making the URS (User Requirement Specification), the complete design, total engineering and supervision of the construction.

The design of the laboratory has a clear set-up and logistics, whereby crossing lines (cross-contamination) are avoided. Other important principles for the design are flexibility, a generic design and the creation of a comfortable and safe working environment with sufficient daylight and views. The microbiology lab is integrated in the plan with the anticipation of a possible expansion in the future, the adjacent office space is designed so that it can easily be added to the lab, which is supported by the generic design approach.

The different designs of the disciplines of engineering, electricity, mechanical engineering and construction are - of course - coordinated with each other through BIM. Equipment design modelling was also used when designing the lab space, whereby the required dimensions of the equipment’s were determined by linking the database and design.

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