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QianHai Bay

Shenzhen CN –

In less than 30 years, Shenzhen grew into an economic boomtown and metropolis with over 15 million inhabitants. The need for new space for development will remain strong in the years to come, alongside the demand for clean drinking water. In addition, it is important that this rapidly evolving super town develops its own identity. The QianHai Bay project, designed by KC, fulfils all these needs.

360° city
The new urban district, QianHai Bay, will host 1.5 million people. The bay will be transformed into an interior lake with a plentiful drinking water supply. Furthermore, the attention paid to agriculture, clean energy and sustainable housing neatly match QianHai Bay’s FEWS for more concept: Food, Energy, Water and Shelter for everyone. The circular structure of piers that are connected as a ‘360° city’ with certainly provide Shenzhen with its own identity.

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