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Goirle NL –

For many years, there has been a strip of houses with woods on both sides between the Brabant provincial town of Tilburg and the neighbouring vicinity of Goirle, along the A58 motorway. This spot was selected as the domain for the housing extension area Boschkens, with maintaining the scenic qualities included in the overall plan. Around 850 houses and the primary school benefit from their location on the edge of the woods. KC designed the urban plan, the public spaces and took responsibility for the general landscape.

Special eye catcher
The theme ‘embraced forest’ was applied to all three parts of this extensive project: the ring of houses around the woods, the green zone in between and the forest area itself. The ring of houses is the eye catcher of the whole project, certainly when seen from the motorway. One specific type of stone was used and the ring also has an added function as a noise barrier. Another topical aspect of the project is sustainability. Obviously, that is made manifest by the chosen theme, but also by installing heat pumps for the energy supply and a special pavement that infiltrates rain water.

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