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Fenghuang New Town Changxing Island

Shanghai CN –

Changxing island is located at the southern entrance of Yangtze River and 7.5 km to the south of the Pudong district. The total area covers some 80 km2.

The master plan for the whole island is divided into three functional zones: the water reservoirs and ecology zone, the nature living zone and the industrial zone. The clear zones make up the framework for the island’s future sustainable development. A significant aspect is the balancing of the natural environment and the rapidly developing.

There are two major axes in the design framework: from east to west is the orange boulevard with a mixed use of commercial and administrative offices connecting the public transport system with the central park, while from north to south it is commercial and residential. A mixed-use function is the most convenient for residents in their daily living and working. Greenery and the water area are the elements for dividing active and passive zones, so as to generate a well-defined environment quality.

Time: 2006
Area: 80
Client: Shanghai Chengtou, Shanghai Chongming Government, Shanghai Urban Planning Authority
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