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Eyeland of Falcon

Shenzhen CN –

The mountainous Dapeng peninsula is exceptionally beautiful and ecologically valuable, but this steadily swelling metropolis is threatening to
absorb it. The Xinda-Longqi Bay is on this peninsula.

This plan allows synergy to arise because eco-tourism gives a boost to the local economy: one echo of two eco’s. Land reclamation takes place by creating ‘new land’ with sand from the sea, filling up the existing fishponds. The new coastline becomes beautiful curved and recognisable. The new, flat land is exceptionally suited to urban developments with tourism features.

The existing river, streaming from the mountains in the National Park, has been adjusted in the
design to create exceptional living environments in the south of the planning area. The central area has a more urban context and character. The
architecture of the building plots, typical of China, is geared to specific, local desires and demands. Examples of this are orienting the building blocks to the south and leaving open holes in the construction to allow fresh, sea breezes to enter.

Client: Shenzhen Municipal Planning Bureau
District Shenzhen
Area: 20km2 of conceptual master plan, (1st prize award and follow up)

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