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Elderly Living in the City

Vlaardigen NL – A new heart for the elderly

KuiperCompagnons has designed a plan to redesign the city center of the town of Vlaardingen in order to adapt the area to Elderly Living. The city center will receive a new heart including small scale shops, schools, and care facilities to serve the elderly inhabitants, and the new heart will feature a central park. New housing for the elderly will be designed and built.

The city is experiencing an ageing community and this trend will continue during the next 25 years. For that reason, the city has decided to put older inhabitants central to the development plans by creating a community which is based on optimal social cohesion and interaction between younger, and older people. This way, the city wants to upgrade the quality of the living environment. The houses for the elderly will be placed around an atrium. This atrium will provide safety for the elderly, and the character of the atrium will be like a village square. The atrium will be connected to the shopping areas, and the care facilities, ensuring good interaction between older and younger people living there.

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