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Mirleft MA –

KuiperCompagnons is commissioned by The Dutch Investment Group (DIG) to draft a vision for the coastline south of Agadir, Morocco. This vision gives insight in how the area between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni can be developed in a sustainable way. By studying the landscape a logical allocation of land use is revealed. The vision proposes to integrate various land uses to comprehend a holistic vision. In this way the region establishes a balance between economic growth and environmental conservation.

The vision aims for synergy between a series of beaches, which are suggested to develop at different intensity levels. With this approach urban cores develop further and touristic accommodation is carefully placed, while other areas remain untouched and authentic.

A local concept design is elaborated in Legzira. The starting point for this concept design lies in an analysis of the landscape and built context where there is an interplay of beach level coves, cliff level outcrops, upper level plains and plateaus and meandering wadi’s connecting higher and lower ground. The concept layout creates interesting sequences of views along the beach where the Moroccan coastal landscape dominates.

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