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Oud Gastel NL –

Elderly Care Community

The plot used to have two, rather dated elderly apartment buildings. These buildings were no longer up to the demands of our time, and were demolished. KuiperCompagnons performed an urban study and plan for the area, and made sure that the new buildings, which were on a larger scale than previously, matched the surrounding small scale of the village by grouping the new buildings around a central square with much green elements. This plan was motivated also on the basis of an old church including a convent garden that used to be placed in this area. The new structures have moved slightly more to the street which causes the development to be more small-village oriented.

The total plan consists of 74 independent apartments for the elderly. Since the local
attendance of the church has been dwindling over the years, the village requested KuiperCompagnons to ensure that the church building was transformed to become a community center.

Client: Woonstichting Bernardus Wonen en Stichting Bejaardenzorg Oud Gastel
Program: 40.076 m3, 74 elderly care appartments with garage
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