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Green Dragon Lake

Beijing, China –

Integrated rural urbanization for Beijing

Chinese cities face major challenges relating to their liveability. This resulted in a Chinese interest in the way The Netherlands deal with spatial planning, water management, energy, logistics and food production.

Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and government have developed an integrated sustainable strategy for Green Dragon Lake, a city part of Beijing. The presented plan integrates Dutch knowledge and innovation on sustainable development in the Chinese capital. A well balanced and green urban development is the main objective for Green Dragon Lake.

For this project there has been intensive cooperation between the Dutch Top Sectors, KuiperCompagnons, Imagro & creation for agri, food and rural areas and Priva in integral solutions for GreenTech and Smart Buildings. The plan is accompanied by Intention Agreements from Dutch companies.

integrated rural urbanization for Beijing
Oppervlakte/omvang : 128 km2
Opdrachtgever : China Development Orient
Opdrachtperiode : 2015
Status : completed
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