City island Veur Lent

Nijmegen NL –

Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands, is currently jumping across the river Waal. At the same moment, it is necessary to create an extra riverbranch as a prerequisite for managing superfluous water in case of floods. Such a construction will result in an artificial island, offering new opportunities for a symbiosis between the city and the surrounding nature. KC designed a concept for this future city island named Veur Lent.

River park for city people
The plan envisions a very modest development of the area. Veur Lent should become a place that people on the banksides can cherish as a tantalizing focus for their dreams and desires. The dynamics of the river and the city on both sides should be tangible, but from a certain distance. The island itself should give room for experiencing nature and enjoying the water. In short, it is a river park with a natural appeal to the city’s people.

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