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Changxindao Master Plan

Dalian CN –

Dalian in northeast China houses one of the biggest sea harbours of Asia. This area, called Changxingdao, will be transformed into an economic hotspot that is designed in the most future-proof and sustainable way, and respectfully integrates the extensive infrastructure with the natural landscape. The plan encompasses an area of 350 km2 or as much as 550km2 when adding the surrounding water landscape. KC was asked to redevelop a significant part of the Master Plan for the Changxingdao National Economic Development Zone.

Green and sustainable
The eye catcher for this project is the Transportation Hub, an ingenious grid of several transport modules that connect the port area with the urban parts. KC also designed two other parts of the project; the North Comprehensive City Area and the Southern Lake District. These are partially characterized by green and sustainable elements, such as wide-scale use of solar energy and the implementation of several city and coastal parks.

In oktober 2013 we received the ISOCARP Award for Excellence.

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