Blue Blood

Deltapoort NL –

Because of the proximity of the Port of Rotterdam, the conglomeration of Rotterdam-Drechtsteden has grown into an infrastructural hotspot in just a few decades. The high concentration of streams, railroads and motorways now covers the natural beauty of the original delta area. This region should offer a clean, safe and attractive living environment for future generations.

In the midst of a fascinating natural landscape
For the EO Wijers contest, KC created a design vision for Deltapoort. The design, labelled Blue Blood, is centered on an extensive ‘CO2 dike’, bundling a number of smaller dike rings. The partly urban area within the dikes would be suitable for permanent living in the midst of a fascinating natural landscape. In the future, the dike could be closed completely, repositioning Rotterdam on a sweet water interior lake. The Blue Blood design was one of the second prize winners.

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