Blossom Park

The Hague –

Blossom Park is a project of 27 villas, designed by KuiperCompagnons especially for the expat market. The villas blend traditional Dutch architecture with modern luxury to create a truly unique living environment, all brought together in the new and exclusive neighborhood of Vroondaal, a high-end residential area on the edge of The Hague, just behind the dunes along the Dutch coastline.

In the back of the house, the living space opens up to the large garden, bordered by green hedges. A commodious oriel with large windows, topped with a roof terrace, is an extension of the kitchen and connects the living area with the garden. Here, a private driveway leads to the Powerstation, the principal energy source of the villa. The photo voltaic panels on the roof of it provide the villas with large amounts of sustainable energy. With an EPC of -0,25, the villas are truly innovative. In the garden, however, very little of this state-of-the-art technology is perceptible. Here, the powerstation presents itself as an extension of the garden with a enjoyable covered porch around a spacious double garage.

Behind the timeless facade, the floor plans of the villas are designed for modern living. These homes offer a thoughtfully designed living area with separate living and dining rooms and a family room connected to the representative kitchen. The ground floor is also equipped with a fully functional service program containing a second service kitchen, a storage, a maid’s room with it’s own bathroom, as well as a guest room with attached bathroom.
The stately stairs lead from the monumental entrance hall up to the first floor, where the Master suite is located; a generously proportioned bedroom with a private luxury attached bathroom and a spacious walk-in wardrobe. The same floor also has two more full size bedrooms with their own bathroom. The second floor offers additional space for extra bedrooms and a family or game room.

Projectnaam:Blossom Park
Locatie:Vroondaal, Den Haag

Programma :Woningbouw
Oppervlakte/omvang: 27 woningen
Opdrachtgever : GEM Vroondaal
Opdrachtperiode: 2013-heden

Team: Rogier Mentink, Gijs van den Boomen, Marc Fieggen, Stijn van Tuijl
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