Birth center Rhena

Dordrecht – The design is aimed at a very efficient process, whereby each room can function independently.

'Deliver a baby at home’
The Rhena Birth Center is part of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital (ASz) Dordwijk in Dordrecht.
The design focuses on a very efficient process, in which each room can function independently. Both maternity and delivery rooms are attractive and offer a second home with all the care you could wish for during a birth and afterwards. The family situation can be given as much space as possible in the suits and kept intact.
One of the most important areas in this vision are the maternity suites for the families. Warm colors and materials give the rooms a homely atmosphere. Medical equipment is concealed as much as possible in the interior, but can be accessed quickly when necessary. Small differences in the use of color and the ceiling decoration give the rooms their own identity.

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