news › KuiperCompagnons wins selection for the design and develop of a world class science cluster in Wuhan, China

KuiperCompagnons wins selection for the design and develop of a world class science cluster in Wuhan, China

20 jul '20

By creating a 16 square kilometres new city development in the Science Valley of Wuhan we unlock the potential of a world-class dedicated science innovation zone. Based on sustainable principles and circular processes we have proposed an attractive loveable and liveable new city. The aim of this development is not only to attract the brightest talents in China but also globally. Working areas, commercial centers and residential neighborhoods seamlessly blend into each other, all on a walkable distance. Dedicated public transport zones, separate (electrical) slow traffic lanes and wide pedestrian routes prevails above electrical automotive systems. With every single planning decision the human scale has been at the heart of the design. Smaller plot sizes for the commercial and residential zones and maximum flexibility for new science industries is attracting the leading innovations and companies worldwide.

The new layout of the development is based on the lay of the land with its agricultural villages and sophisticated water networks. This typical landscape for Wuhan and its cultural history created the basis for the plan structure. The lower parts of the land will be the new city and neighbourhoods parks, collecting rain water as part of the sponge city strategy. The highest and driest ribbons where the ancient farmers routes structured the land is given new life in the shape of the green robust city park. This central green structure hosts some of the old villages with new functions, produces part of the food in high-tech urban farm and generates renewable energy via the sun and geothermal systems. All green structures will contribute to reduce the heat island effect as well as the filter for the city. Direct access to the surrounding lakes through the green fingers provides the opportunity for a pleasant tour along the lush waterfront during the lunch break or a stroll at the end of the day appreciating the sunset.