KuiperCompagnons awarded First prize for Luozhaiwan International urban design competition in Jinshan District, Shanghai, China

23 nov '16

KuiperCompagnons won the first prize in the International urban design competition for the Luozhaowan.

Luozhaowan is located in Zhujing town in southwest of Shanghai. In the future, a new transportation hub will be built that makes commuting to and from Shanghai possible. Luozhaowan will become one of the key areas for Shanghai urban upgrades and transformation.

With it's rich history and culture heritage, the design concept of KC focus on creating a balance of old and new. By preserving and renew the historical and cultural heritages, people will feel at home and inspired, like they were in the past.

There is a rich water network in the area, but with poor public accessibility . In the commission of KuiperCompagnons the waterfront area is reactivated for the public. We have minimised the impact from the existing flooding wall by integrating this wall into the pedestrian friendly new waterfront. At the same time we still ensure the flooding safety. Behind the flooding wall we have developed the new urban areas according the Sponge City principles.

A central slow traffic connection network trough the whole area creates an attractive eco-friendly environment for cyclist and pedestrian. The carbon footprint will be reduced as cycling is promoted in the urban design. With excellent public service facilities, and convenient public traffic connections, an attractive contemporary and liveable water town will be created.

The international design competition for Luozhaowan was organised by Shanghai Gubei Group Ltd. Member of the jury were invited from Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Institute, and Tongji University. International companies from The Netherlands( KuiperCompagnons), England and Germany have participated in the design competition.

KuiperCompagnons will be involved in the follow up design for Luozhaowan using the winning proposal as basis.

Location: Zhujing town, Jinshan District, Shanghai china,
Year: 2016
Organizer: Shanghai Gubei Group Ltd
Project area: master plan 2.98km2, core area urban design 1.28km2