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An integrated sustainable strategy for Beijing

26 oct '15

Unique cooperation companies, knowledge institutions and government

Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and government have developed an integrated sustainable strategy for Green Dragon Lake, a city part of Beijing. This plan has been presented during a state visit to the Dutch king Willem-Alexander and representatives of China Development Orient, a development company affiliated to the Chinese Development Bank.

Chinese cities face major challenges relating to their liveability. President Xi Jinping has stated that improvement of the urban quality of life has to be given highest priority. This resulted in a Chinese interest in the way The Netherlands deal with spatial planning, water management, energy, logistics and food production. The Chinese president has expressed during last March visit of Dutch prime-minister Rutte to China his desire to cooperate with the Dutch to learn from their knowledge and expertise.

The presented plan integrates Dutch knowledge and innovation on sustainable development in the Chinese capital. A well balanced and green urban development is the main objective for Green Dragon Lake. Herewith this 122 square kilometres area will become a demonstration zone for other Chinese cities where comparable ambitions are urgently required.

China Development Orient (CDO) strives to develop work-living areas in a sustainable manner. It is an important objective to make these areas attractive by integrating residential, work, food production, nature and recreation. Assigned by CDO, and with intervention of Holland Center and the CHIC Group from Shanghai, a group of Dutch companies and institutions has prepared the strategy for Green Dragon Lake. For this project KuiperCompagnons has intensively cooperated with the Dutch Top Sectors, Imagro (strategy & creation for agri, food and rural areas) and Priva (specialist in integral solutions for GreenTech and Smart Buildings). The plan is accompanied by Intention Agreements from Dutch companies.

Green Dragon Lake (Animation Green Dragon Lake, made by Imagro).

Captions (top to bottom)
First photo: Handing over of first stone of Corpus, first realisation in project Green Dragon Lake Beijing in presence of king Willem-Alexander, CEO Priva Meiny Prins and vice president of CDB Capital and Chairman CDO Zuo Kun

Second photo: Green Dragon Lake project presented by CEO KuiperCompagnons Gert Dral (middle) to CEO CDO Wang Jun (left) and Chairman CDO Zuo Kun (right)

Third photo: Green Dragon Lake project press moment.
From left to right: Judith van Heck (Imagro), Meiny Prins (Priva), Zuo Kun (Chairman CDO), Henri Remmers (Corpus), Gert Dral and Gijs van den Boomen (KuiperCompagnons)

Fourth photo: Impression Green Dragon Lake (Source: KuiperCompagnons)