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Restructuring business parks

Beesel NL –

When it comes to urban planning, today’s economic reality requires flexibility as well as a clear understanding of value development. Additionally, within the Dutch context, there is also the changing role of national and local governments to take into account. These ‘signs of the times’ were of prime importance when developing a Master Plan, including financial and economical budgeting, for a new housing area called Reuver, in the vicinity of Beesel in the southeast Netherlands.

Financial soundness
The area has several unoccupied business parks. It was a top priority to restructure them, by transforming them into housing zones for example. As part of the Master Plan for the new Reuver housing area, KC investigated the financial soundness of the town council acquiring the former business park grounds. That turned out to be financially viable and, after the acquisition, new developments took off.

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