In the last 20 years KuiperCompagnons has been active in the design of complex utility buildings including laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms.

For our customers it’s essential to create building environments where specific processes take place, where design and quality go hand in hand, without compromise. Environments that function perfectly, now and in the future. In which safety, comfort and durability are united in one.

We design for people. Whether it is about employees, visitors, residents or patients, they must feel comfortable. The perception of space plays a crucial role in this: people want to be able to identify with their environment. Recognizability and atmosphere are the most essential ingredients for this.
In this field functionality and experience form an interesting area of tension. The search for a symbiosis between them is what drives us, creating something special. Something that has a long shelf life and therefore becomes sustainable.

We are happy to help you realize your projects. KuiperCompagnons offers a wide range of possibilities for this in the form of the following design and consultancy services:

Vision, goals and strategy
Design (sketch design, preliminary design, final design, specifications and implementation design)
Feasibility study
Space requirement and design assignment
Program of requirements (URS / FRS)
Communication with users and stakeholders
Visualization (3D renders)
Design qualification and reviews
Check and apply for required permits
Project management and supervision of the design process (Total engineering)
Design and management BIM (building information modeling)
Support for cost calculation and contract formation
Construction supervision and delivery
Legal advice
Building physics, fire safety, energy performance, sustainability (BREEAM) and environment

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