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UMCG Wenkenbach Institute

Groningen – The unique and technically advanced Wenckebach Institute is part of the Central Medical Complex of the UMCG.

Medical specialists are trained in this building in the area of surgery, various medical procedures and microscopic examination. This happens in an environment in which, among other things, operating and nursing rooms have been simulated in a very realistic manner.

Operative operations are practiced on computer controlled dolls. This in combination with human and animal tissues. For this purpose, there is an anatomy room in the basement with a connection to the logistics tunnel of the hospital. A dedicated lift can be used to transport the tissue to the various wet labs. In dry labs, electronic material and practice prostheses are used.

The appearance of the building is tailored to the adjacent historic power plant: red / orange brick with a characteristic accentuated pattern. The main entrance to the building will eventually be linked to the hospital's patient structure.

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